Call me an Antichrist and I’m honoured!

(If you need me to translate the following in a particular language of your choice, just give me a shout)

Being a Buddhist and a regular Baptist church-goer, I can’t help but to regularly point out a plethora of ignorant, ridiculous, superstitious beliefs Christians all hold dear and near to their precarious hearts. These similarities and commonalities among Christians are both astonishing and appalling, to say the least, and happen under my observance day after day, month after month, and year after year! First off, perhaps I should make a pledge before some Christian could claim, on the day I die, that I was a believer of God since I had been attending a Baptist church for so many years:

“If I’d ever walk in front of a crowd to pledge my allegiance to “God”, that is, for that matter, the Christian God, someone should dial 911 at that moment and send me to the nearest psychiatric facility to fix me up!”

If, by chance, a Christian happens to be a passerby to this blog, let me ask you these questions and I am open to accept any answers that are scientifically and/or conscientiously proven (remember: not pseudo-scientifically proven):

1. When was the Earth born? Around 6,000 years ago as what the Bible states, or around 6.4 billion years as dated and cross-checked by various radioactive isotopes such as Uranium-Uranium dating with a half-life of about 4.5 billion years? If you claim that these radioactive isotopes are not accurate at all, you may try to devise a scientific method to disprove their validity since archaeologists have been using these radiometric dating methods to verify their accuracy for more than a century or so.

2. Noah’s Ark has been abandoned and toned down by some denominations of Christianity, yet other denominations still believe in this fairy tale! Again, if someone’s family can demonstrate to me that, within their lifetimes, they can collect all the species including birds and other reptiles, one male and one female each on this planet (about 1.3 million species known today), transport them to a ship he/she built for those animals, trap them, feed them, and then sail them into the sea for months and the animals can still live to propagate their species, I would be a true believer RIGHT in that instant without any hesitation!

3. If evolution was a fairy tale, then the “creator” of humans must have done a pretty lousy and sloppy job “creating” our bodies because a lot of our bones and body parts are actually not usable and have become redundant already.

4. If evolution was a fairy tale, why can we even simulate evolution in the lab. If these are only steps of “micro-evolution”, how could it be possible that small steps of evolution are possible but bigger steps are impossible in the long run?

5. Even though most Christians have never heard of “Lucy”, this first but only one of many half-ape-half-human beings who died more than a million years ago have now surfaced. If practically watching our ancestors come to life is still not a solid proof that we evolved from the chimpanzee family (or, in layperson’s term, apes), yet a “God” with his magic wand is our creator, could we simply call this belief superstitious, in the very definition of the word by all dictionaries known to us?

6. If God could exist without any predecessor or father, why are Christians so certain that the universe, which began with only inorganic elements, couldn’t have existed without any predecessor or father? Which one is more credible then? An omnipotent “God” or inorganic matter?

7. If God is merciful, why could he possibly authorize genocide by stereotyping that people of xxx origin are all wicked?

8. If Samson’s story was true, then this God must be a merciless God, playing with people’s lives just to test a psychopath’s faith with Him!

9. If Jonah could live in a “big fish’s” (presumably a whale’s) stomach for three days and still come out alive to tell the story, Jonah must have had the ability to demonstrate that complex organisms don’t need oxygen to live!

10. Show me the chemical reaction to change water into wine. Did Jesus know that alcohol is damaging to brain cells and liver? If alcohol was good, why didn’t he turn grass into marijuana then because marijuana is actually a known pain killer?

11. If “only God has the power to decide on our fate to live or die” so euthanasia is out of the question, this God must be a sadistic God since countless patients suffering from terminal diseases have suffered and still are suffering with no end of their pains in sight!

12. Research after research, Christians seem to be the least intelligent of mankind! Studies have shown that atheists actually know religion much better than believers? Just Google and you’ll know.

13. According to Leviticus, Chapters 18 and 20, “Thou Shalt not lie with mankind…..both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death…” How could this kind of hatred be allowed to be propagated against people with different sexual orientation than heterosexuals? If these statements don’t constitute hate crime, I don’t know what does?

14. Paul: “No one comes to the Father except through Me”. Does that mean infants and babies always go to hell if they don’t live long enough to learn anything about religion? Does that mean Ghandi and all tribesmen who have died are all in hell?

15. Why do Christians all insist that Buddhists believe in false Gods when Buddhism is well known by scholars and Buddhists themselves as non-deistic?

16. Why do I invariably see Christians treat animals as if they had no life and are here just to “serve man” when we have already proven that a lot of animals, not just dogs and cats but other animals like octopus as well, have higher intelligence than we used to know? I know this idea comes from Genesis but don’t you think killing animals that obviously have feelings like you and me shouldn’t be that great of an idea after all, despite what the Bible professes?

17. Whenever science advances one step further, religious leaders always have to be creative to come up with another lie to cover up their fairy tales. Look at Lucy that practically blows the cover on creationism. Look at the new Kepler-22b planet that proves to be habitable by humans and possibly other living things about 600 light years away from our mother Earth. This proves that we are not unique, as claimed by Christians that we are the own proud children of “God” since the Earth was thrown in this habitable orbit by design!

18. If anyone in his adulthood feels that fairy tales like Adam and Even with a talking snake, Jesus weighing more than 100 lbs or so could walk on water, Samson with the ability to kill 1,000 men and split a lion into pieces could possibly be true, earthquake ordered by God shattering a prison and freeing those prisoners locked up in the cells did happen, et al, are not childish and silly enough, he really needs to return back to a kindergarten class and enjoy other fairy tales told by the teachers!

Observing the illogical and manipulative arguments used by Christians (and all other religions from the Abrahamic origin) of all colours and stripes to defend a religion that is worse than believing in the “powers of a stone”, I (and other more inquisitive coworkers of mine who actually have critical thinking skills) attended a Buddhist assembly for more than half a year and this is what I found out:

Buddhism versus Christianity


Divinity: There is only one omnipresent, almighty personal God
Baits: Mostly fear mongering using an imaginary “hell” as the ultimate punishment and a non-existent “heaven” in the sky as the final reward. Other baits include offering help to the needy and then luring them to church; using standardized well thought-out moves and recited passages to convince non-believers by “visiting” them at their home but in fact trapping them there for hours to force them to listen to their recitals; et al.
Inclusiveness: All other religions lead to nowhere but hell
Reincarnation: No such thing (at least this is what Christians have all believed after the 1st century AD)
Practice outside the religion (such as Feng Shui and Qigong): Prohibited or denounced, even yoga is seen as an evil practice by some Christians
Knowledge Outside or Even Inside the Realm of Religion: Very limited


Divinity: “God” or “Gods” exist only if you wish so. On upper levels of practice, there is absolutely no God.
Rewards to Believers: Nirvana, relieve and a peaceful inner-self.
Inclusiveness: Atheists and religious followers in any religion could end up in nirvana as long as they don’t do evil.
Reincarnation: Reincarnation exists and is proven by many otherwise inexplicable incidents in the course of human history. You may read a host of books, articles, etc. and watch youtube videos on reincarnation (including one incident involving a Christian couple) to convince yourself if you are a non-believer of reincarnation.
Practice outside the religion (such as Feng Shui and Qigong): No prohibition whatsoever as long as the practice helps your well being.
Knowledge Outside and Inside the Realm of Religion: Since there is no prohibition on other practices, disciples are open to learn basically anything, including walking into a Christian church and learning about Christianity.

That said, even Christians themselves know that converting a Buddhist to a Christian is next to impossible! Ever wonder why communist countries, from time to time, foster dissidents that flee to freer and more democratic jurisdictions but not the other way around? In my case, I go to church every Sunday, just to please my wife, but can see how indoctrinated Christianity is just to protect a dying religion! Yes, one has to be genuinely narrow-minded and literally blinded to look elsewhere in order to have “faith” in a religion that supports superstition; homophobia; suffering all the way through the final days/months/years in death bed; ignorance in other religions; prohibiting kids to have fun on Halloween; faith in fairy tales that are plain silly; pastors and disciples to hide their emotions; using manipulation and aggression to lure non-believers; killing animals; violence against blasphemy and other “pagans”; closed-mindedness….and the list goes on, and on, and on….


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